Episode 2: ITS Season 4, Part 1

This episode we are talking about Supply Run and Front Line from the ITS tournament system for Infinity. After that we chat about some fluff.


[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/thekrug/Krug_TWO_Rev01.mp3]

5 thoughts on “Episode 2: ITS Season 4, Part 1”

  1. Listened to the first two episodes while painting today. Gave me a couple of good ideas for game play. Definitely a good listen.

    How often are you guys planning to release?


  2. I’m digging the podcast! Thanks for bleeping out the cuss words. I also really enjoy the out of context replays at the end, really humorous. Highlight from this episode: speculation on a male downloading into a female L-host.


  3. Really liking what you’re doing with the show gents.

    One little piece of feedback here for whomever is editing, finishing and uploading the .mp3 files.

    Can you use a standard format for your .mp3 tags for example.

    Title: Krug Episode 01
    Artist: Bas,Dex,Joe
    Album: The Krug
    Year: 2013
    Track: 1
    Genre: Podcast

    Update each area as you go so for example Krug Episode 06 would be 2014 and track number 6 but the rest would remain the same and most important the Title should be consistent. Thats the biggest issue every episode has had a different title and I’ve had to reformat the tags after the fact to keep track of each one.

    Great work on the content and loving those outtakes at the end. ^_^


    1. Happy to have you following along 🙂

      I can definitely get some standards going with regards to the tags… the last minute of the cast is honestly my favorite to work on 😀


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