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SEASON 2 EPISODE 4: Back in the saddle


It’s good to be back behind the mic’s!  Dex and Joe sit down to talk about what has gone on in the past few months regarding us and Infinity as well as talk a little about how to handle your crazy impetuous troops and planning for their first move of the game.

[audio ]

Season 2 Episode 3: It Lives

Hey it’s an episode; and yes we are indeed still alive. Now I’m not going to lie about knowing what is in this episode because it has been too long and listening to it takes away from Rumble prep. So here is something to enjoy on your drive over to Amarillo (or work).

hope you guys enjoy it, and as always let us know.

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Season 2 Episode 2: Command tokens


We talk about command tokens, and then tangent, get back to command tokens, tangent some more and in the end just talk about tangents.

Joe’s Tangent is his YouTube channel and you can check it out here:

Bas’s tangent is Gamer conversations and you can check it out here:

Dex’s tangent isn’t live yet so no link you you.


Season 2 Episode 1: N3

N3 has landed, although one copy scattered. You have no idea how clever this all sounded before we found out the rules were going to be online. So sorry to say; but yes folks we lie to you, but it wasn’t like we were going to re record the thing.

So technically you were told in a place that theoretically gets read, but we all know noone actually reads the snow notes 🙂

All in all N3 looks very promising, found a few things that would like an errata but overall it looks like it has promise, so have a listen and hear our scattered thoughts throughout the book.

Episode 20: Bostria Interview

Welcome to the Krug season 1 finale, and to help us finish the season we have none other than Carlos on the show (again(ish)). But it is not nearly as cringe worthy as you might think from last time; we have a lot of good times talking about Corvus Belli and their growth, upcomming changes to the 3rd edition of Infinity and how PanOceania and Yu Jing and going to be diverging. There will of course be some spoilers in here for N3, so technically you were warned; but lets be honest and my most frequent show notes reader are the google spiders.

We will be taking November off to get some games in and recharge but will be back in December. Please let us know on facebook or email us to let us know what you do or don’t like so that we can keep improving the show. We have a few ideas on how we are going to thinker with it further but we can’t read you mind yet (but we are in a kickstarter that promises to fix this, and they are shipping soon).

Thank you all for listening to season 1,


Joe, Dex, Bas


Episode 19: Tagged with TAGs

In this episode we talk about what we said we were going to talk about; which makes it quit exceptional in a way.

So feast your ears on our attempts to enjoy TAGs as we discuss the discrepancy between how many we own and how many we play.

For foreplay we cover mines and minelayer and how we like to utilize them in ITS.

Next episode we will have Carlos as a guest and he is sounding much more Spanish than before.



Episode 18: Was there did that

We finish up offensive link teams and tease with some mines and mine layer, but it will just be a tease. Instead we will talk about the interplanetary, johny appleseed, Gencon, and Tohaa; boy do we love ourselves some Tohaa. Hell even Dex is getting into Tohaa now and he does not do it halfway either.

In somewhat related news, will will start to actually write out our schedules again so we can stick to them; but it was good to record again and get back into the groove of things. we are also doing some faction diversification to try and cover Pan-O and Yu-Jing and Combined army better.

Anyway life will be a bit quit till 3rd drops so email us at either Dex, Joe or Bas (or anything really) and send us questions.

In other news there might be an upcumming Kum joke contest, once we figure out how to do the judging.



Episode 17: Let’s do the timewarp again

Yes we spend a lot of time talking about the future like it is the past, but we did prey the episode out of Dex’s hands and then Joe made sure that we cut all the stuff where we sounded like assholes (if only real life would work that way).

For foreplay we talk about the first part of Fire teams (who we call link teams) and we focus on the defensive capabilities of them and in true Olympic fashion for a whopping 45 minutes. And we didn’t even fall asleep right after, what more can you ask for.

We have recorded again with our post Gencon and international experiences. And thanks to all the listeners who said Hi at the Interplanetary and Gencon or asked where we had gone. It is awesome to hear for you guys.



Episode X01: Operation Yeti

vive la resistance!

Dex may have run off with the episode that was supposed to air, he may have run off with the microphones, the mixing panel, camcorder and hoots.


But he forgot the Yeti; and the Yeti was all we needed.


So audio is back to our usual terrible as we talk about Gencon, The Krug Tournament, Operation Icestorm and during foreplay we talk about Sapper.



Episode 16: Dropin’ it

AD & Smoke; I think we kinda skipped the smoke bit and never covered such details as when you generate ARO’s while in smoke and that throwing smoke from smoke still regenerates ARO’s. But damn if there isn’t manlove for Van Sant.

Oh and a Tornado, but nothing would stop us. But it sure derailed us.

Well we might be dating ourselves again as we talk about the future past, but with fewer tournaments going on (other then next weekend) we should catch up on the editing. Unfortunately Joe is the master of all things editing and that means that when he has to do upkeep on his life things slow down.

But all seems well again so hopefully we will record episode 18 soon and throw episode 17 in the trash (I recall it being that bad, but the editor has not yet spoken)