Episode 18: Was there did that

We finish up offensive link teams and tease with some mines and mine layer, but it will just be a tease. Instead we will talk about the interplanetary, johny appleseed, Gencon, and Tohaa; boy do we love ourselves some Tohaa. Hell even Dex is getting into Tohaa now and he does not do it halfway either.

In somewhat related news, will will start to actually write out our schedules again so we can stick to them; but it was good to record again and get back into the groove of things. we are also doing some faction diversification to try and cover Pan-O and Yu-Jing and Combined army better.

Anyway life will be a bit quit till 3rd drops so email us at either Dex, Joe or Bas (or anything really) @TheKrug.com and send us questions.

In other news there might be an upcumming Kum joke contest, once we figure out how to do the judging.


[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/thekrug/Krug_18.mp3]

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