Episode 16: Dropin’ it

AD & Smoke; I think we kinda skipped the smoke bit and never covered such details as when you generate ARO’s while in smoke and that throwing smoke from smoke still regenerates ARO’s. But damn if there isn’t manlove for Van Sant.

Oh and a Tornado, but nothing would stop us. But it sure derailed us.

Well we might be dating ourselves again as we talk about the future past, but with fewer tournaments going on (other then next weekend) we should catch up on the editing. Unfortunately Joe is the master of all things editing and that means that when he has to do upkeep on his life things slow down.

But all seems well again so hopefully we will record episode 18 soon and throw episode 17 in the trash (I recall it being that bad, but the editor has not yet spoken)


[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/thekrug/Krug_16.mp3]

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