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Episode 15: The Truth

We get to interview Carlos, and get answers to our most burning questions about Infinity. But first we get to talk about Hidden deployment.

The question were as follows.

  1. How long have you been working on the female backside and where did this calling come from?

  2. Is the face of the Kameal and Makual a mask/protective helmet or some strange bone structure?

  3. How intelligent are antipodes, They use weapons and tools, they can put together a force that can go toe to toe with Ariadna and are smart enough to make treaties so is it possible in the future that their might be an antipode sectorial?

  4. Can you describe to me the general look, feel, and play-style of USAriadna?

  5. Would Corvus Belli ever consider some sort of contest in which the winner would be sculpted as a game model or something like a boot-leg.  Alternatively the winner could help design how the model looked if they didn’t want to have themselves immortalized in that fashion.

  6. With the mad success of the objectification, how do you plan on upping the ante?  Nudes?

  7. When can we expect a Carlos or Gutier bootleg?

  8. So what does a Combined army bike look like, and can the worm doc ride it?

  9. Have any of the Infinity characters or models been made to look like members of the Corvus Belli staff, and who/which model?

  10. What is your favorite recent and old (pre 1990) sci fi movie from an aesthetics perspective?

  11. When can we expect a model that looks like Zed from Zardoz?


Episode 14: New gear

ok, I’ll be honest, this was a second recording of episode 14, the first one was eaten by Rover, the windows search companion.


We were also a bit intimidated by the new gear; and we were pretty errrrrr… well mannered?

Anyway give it a listen and let us know how it worked out.



Episode 13: The whole mob

5 of us and it went down hill so fast that we bounced and ended up with some pretty good content. This episode we spend time talking about how each of us approach the table and what we look for when making those initial decisions.

Let us know what you think as we flush out the new format more in coming episodes.


**** please note that all conversation is by trained professionals and acts discussed or implied never happened; in other words we never want to hear this episode in court. Although the magic of editing should have gotten most of it.


Episode 11 1/3: The after Party

you know when things go down hill and the editor just gives up an throws the rest of the reel away?


well this is what is sounds like.


All behold the power of Joe our mighty editor who manages to take our foots out of our mouths after the fact, this is what you’d have w/o him.



Episode 11: AD and lots of stories of previous games

So this is dated and we started w/ a round of Corzo anejo  so there had to be a lot of editing done. On the bright side there is no discussion about people sex lives (mostly) profanity laced trash (mostly) or completely wrong rules quotes (hopefully). But there are lots and lots and lots of Kum jokes, and let me tell you, they sounded much better when we told them while drunk.

But we have Gavin on the show this weeks, which really doesn’t make up for any of those things and made some of them worse.

And that was before we broke into hour two when our quality really just goes down. And who knows we might even let you listen to it.



Episode 10: Impersonators and Spec:ops and Tournament prep

Long, a little rambly and probably has one of out bitchiest segments to date. I guess our love of the Spec-Ops has gotten on some rough times.

But first there is some impersonation discussion and then discussions about tournament lists. What we don’t discuss is that you need to also run the lists correctly, but that is a detail for a future episode.


As always we love to hear from you guys over email or face book, please let us know how we are doing. You can reach us as Joe, Dex or Bas at


Thanks for listening



Episode 9: ITS 2014 Part 3

Remember the promises at the beginning of last episode, we kinda make up for those.


…… remember how drunk we were at the last episode, that is kinda where we started.


To be honest this episode is a bit like looking at your cellphone after a night of heavy drinking and wondering where the hell those pictures came from. Except the audio version. Now “we” edited it to the best of Joe’s ability, and there is hardly a mention left of the vector operator that was missing it’s scrotum bits.

Lets just say that we won’t try double episodes again for a while 🙂



Episode 8: ITS 2014 Part 2

our first ITS 2014 tournament and err…. we intended to talk about the other missions. But i think we just talked about antenna field a whole lot more.


it was merry, it was fun, and I’m pretty sure we failed pretty hard at fulfilling the introduction.