Episode 14: New gear

ok, I’ll be honest, this was a second recording of episode 14, the first one was eaten by Rover, the windows search companion.


We were also a bit intimidated by the new gear; and we were pretty errrrrr… well mannered?

Anyway give it a listen and let us know how it worked out.


[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/thekrug/Krug_14.mp3]

One thought on “Episode 14: New gear”

  1. Here’s my thoughts on the Shasvastii Cadmus.

    The thing I do with most ambiguous rules is to lean towards the worst for myself, the Shasvastii player. That way there’s less argument.

    For the Cadmus Combat jump:
    It’s defense is “Like” a mine. It is one use like a mine but does not get the camo like a mine. Per mine rules “activated by Order or ARO inside its area of effect” .

    Active turn:
    1) One order to land as per Combat Jump.
    2) One order to use mine if anyone is in the area of effect.
    3) One order to emerge from pod.
    Since it takes an order to use the mine, the mine can NOT be used in the same order it Lands. That order is purely for landing. If Cadmus emerges from his pod without using the mine, the mine is now gone. Per capsule rule “works like an Antipersonnel Mine if enemy models approach within range of an UNHATCHED capsule.”

    Re-active turn:
    1) pod has already landed.
    2) mine reacts to enemy in its area of effect OR
    3) Cadmus can react by emerging from the pod. If the mine is used to react, then Cadmus can emerge on the next available ARO. In other words, the Cadmus CANNOT Emerge and Set off the mine in one reaction.

    Figure must be on the table to use morpho scan. So the Cadmus cannot morpho-scan while inside the capsule.


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