Episode 20: Bostria Interview

Welcome to the Krug season 1 finale, and to help us finish the season we have none other than Carlos on the show (again(ish)). But it is not nearly as cringe worthy as you might think from last time; we have a lot of good times talking about Corvus Belli and their growth, upcomming changes to the 3rd edition of Infinity and how PanOceania and Yu Jing and going to be diverging. There will of course be some spoilers in here for N3, so technically you were warned; but lets be honest and my most frequent show notes reader are the google spiders.

We will be taking November off to get some games in and recharge but will be back in December. Please let us know on facebook or email us @TheKrug.com to let us know what you do or don’t like so that we can keep improving the show. We have a few ideas on how we are going to thinker with it further but we can’t read you mind yet (but we are in a kickstarter that promises to fix this, and they are shipping soon).

Thank you all for listening to season 1,


Joe, Dex, Bas


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