Episode 6: ITS 2014 Preview

This time we talk about the ITS preview, and we will make it obsolete in …. probably 45 minutes as we are going to be recording based on the real rules.

Enjoy and as always give us feedback or send email to your favorite host @TheKurg.com

for now it will all go to me, but that is what you probably intended anyway, if not it will still find its way.


[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/thekrug/Krug_6.mp3]

One thought on “Episode 6: ITS 2014 Preview”

  1. Great job so far.

    Interested in what ya’ll’s comments on the Full ITS 2014 scenario set; the changes to the ITS 4 Scenarios to bring them in line with the new ones. Hopefully the CB forum beat them up early enough to resolve any crazy or corner cases away before the season hit full stride.

    Keep up the good work, otherwise I won’t get anything painted!


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